Private Aircraft Ownership made simple

Cutter Aviation’s Shared Ownership program gives you the benefits of aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost.  We have designed a model that brings aircraft buyers together to share in the ownership costs of one airplane, while Cutter Aviation professionally manages, maintains and operates your aircraft.

After the initial buy-in price of your share, you will pay a monthly management fee and only pay direct operating costs when using the airplane.  You will be able to use your aircraft 60 days a year with no hour limitation within those days.

Benefits of Cutter Shared Ownership Program:

• Take advantage of tax depreciation

• No hour limitation

• Hourly operating costs 50% better than charter rates

• Familiar crew members

• Dedicated concierge service

Cutter Aviation’s shared ownership program is the solution to simple aircraft ownership.  Fly direct to where you want to go when you want to go at a fraction of the cost.