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Beechcraft Beechjet 400A: Light Jet
Light Jet Air Charter Value at Midsize Executive Jet Comfort and Speed

The Beechcraft Beechjet 400A is a popular choice amongst light jet options. The spacious cabin and comfortable seating allows private travel to become relaxing and hassle free. With this aircraft performance capabilities and diverse usage, it is a highly requested option among light jets.

Cutter Flight Management provides full coverage around the Southwestern United States for on-demand charter and can easily serve general aviation airports nationwide. With its speed, longer trips to the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast are just as easy as short-trips to destinations like Las Vegas, NV; Aspen, CO; or Los Angeles, CA.

Beechcraft Beechjet 400A Specifications
Aircraft Type: Light Jet
Passengers: Seven (7) or Eight (8)
Cabin Width: 4.8 feet
Cabin Height: 4.8 feet
Cabin Length: 15.5 feet
Cruise Speed: 432 mph
Cruising Altitude: 35,000 feet
Max. Range: 1500 sm.
Baggage: 67 cubic feet
Lavatory: Yes, Enclosed

Please note: these are approximations and that all speed/ranges are affected by weather, passenger count, runway length, and prevailing winds. Cutter Aviation’s Passenger Count listed above is based on maximum number of available passenger seats within the cabin — fewer passengers may increase comfort and range in some cases.

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